Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 05/04/15: Things Are Tough for Mom, Dinner at Franklin's, Wenatchee Woman

1.  MOM UPDATE:  Carol is hoping to get Mom in to see her doctor on Tuesday.  The dizziness that caused her to fall on Sunday morning persists and she's having a lot of pain in her hip, which could be the sciatica acting up again.  After so many days of good spirits and feeling really good, it sounds like Mom is weary and in quite a bit of pain.  This news doesn't really belong under "Three Beautiful Things", but for all of you looking for updates, this is the best place to write it out.  If there is anything good about this, it's that Carol is right there and so are the helpers who visit Mom through the week.

2.  I picked up the Deke at school and we crawled through College Park on down to Hyattsville and shared a 10 inch Margherita pizza at Franklin's, Prince George's County's only brewpub.  Some percentage of the cost of our meal contributed to a fund raiser the PTA at the Deke's school was putting on.  Franklin's brews good beer and their food is pretty good -- but we are still in search of a place to go that is smaller, maybe even quieter.  We are actually looking for a place around here that is more like the Growler and Gill in Nanuet, NY before the six o'clock crowd pours in.  I found a joint called Gilly's online.  It's in Rockville.  Their beer list looks terrific. I'm going to scout it out.  (One brewpub in this entire, densely populated county...that just doesn't seem just to me!)

3.  Franklin's also has a General Store attached to it with a corner of the store lusciously devoted to a fine variety of beer and wine.  The Deke and I, after a pint of beer, each had a glass of Kiona Merlot/Cabernet blend.  The Kiona vineyard is in Benton City, WA.  I decided to buy a bottle of the Kiona, and while making my purchase, a woman working at Franklin's worked pretty hard to get me to buy some half price Pinot Noir from the Willamette Valley and I casually dropped the fact that I'd just moved here from Oregon.  Whoa! She'd just been through a divorce in Wenatchee, WA and had re-connected with a first love in her life who lives now in Maryland and moved out here to be with him. I told her my story was less romantic, but we moved here to be close to our daughters and grandchildren.  It was fun talking with a PacNW native, shaking hands, and smiling and laughing about our new lives here in MD.  As I left, she reminded me about the half price wine from Oregon.

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