Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 05/05/15: Mom's Had a Better Day, A Modest Expedition, July in Kellogg

1.  MOM UPDATE:  I talked to Mom twice today, once in the morning and again after her doctor's appointment late in the afternoon.  After a period the day before of intense pain, on Tuesday the pain in her hip and back significantly subsided and she was having a much better day.  I could tell this was true in her voice in our second conversation. It does not appear that she further injured herself from her most recent fall -- that was good news.  She got some medicine for her pain.  The dizziness/light- headedness comes and goes and will remain under observation.  I also talked with Carol and had several email and text exchanges with her. I had a concern or two.  Carol helped me understand what I needed to understand and I deeply appreciated what she told me. The upshot? I went to bed knowing Mom was having a better day on Tuesday.

2.  I went on a modest expedition today.  First, I figured out the route to what will be Molly and Hiram's new house in Silver Spring, so now I know how much closer we'll be to them when they move. They live near a shopping center with a Kohl's and I looked at Kohl's slim picture frame inventory and then I drove to the College Park REI to talk with a splendid and very helpful woman there about ticks and tick repellent and bought a couple tubes of lotion.  I enjoyed this modest expedition.  I traveled new streets, went to neighborhoods I hadn't visited before, and learned more about getting around in the bewildering maze of roads, avenues, pikes, state routes, county routes, and highways where I live.

3.  After toying with the idea of going to Kellogg in late May, but deciding I want to stay in Greenbelt because it really helps out to have me at home while the Deke slogs her way through this very difficult school year, I decided to fly to Spokane on July 4th and stay in Kellogg for a yet to be determined amount of time. Mom seemed happy I was coming out. When I told her my plans, she dropped a classic Mom line on me:  "Now, don't come on my account!"  Heh.  Never crossed my mind.......

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