Friday, May 8, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 05/07/15: Swimming Again, Molly and David Swing By, Father and Son Fox

1.  After a many, many years' absence, I was back in a pool today swimming laps at the Greenbelt Fitness and Aquatic Center.  The walking I've done as evidently served me well.  I was in better swimming shape today than I was about fourteen years ago, the last time I took up swimming in earnest.

2.  After a day visiting the National Zoo, Hiram and Olivia stayed at home in Groveton and Molly and David drove up to Greenbelt and so Molly and the Deke got to have some long conversation free of having to referee the frequent minor skirmishes between Olivia and David.  I had found a recipe for spicy sesame tofu, broccoli, and mushrooms and I served it over brown basmati rice and we all decided it was a keeper -- very gratifying, I admit, to have another recipe work out so well.

3.  My little bit of digging into the career of Laurence Fox, who plays James Hathaway on Inspector Lewis, uncovered that Laurence Fox is the son of the superb British actor, James Fox -- oh, you might have seen him in Remains of the Day or Patriot Games or as Lord Aysgarth in Downton Abbey (a train I haven't boarded yet).  Well, the fact that James Fox played the stuffy Lewis Carroll specialist, Professor Norman Deering, in the episode, "The Allegory of Love" went right by me the first time I watched that story, so I watched it again tonight, wanting to see the Fox father and son acting in the same episode.  I ached with pleasure.

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