Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 05/26/15: I'll Do My Part, Memory Card (Re)Discoveries, Golf and Golf Courses

1.  The woman working the front desk at LabCorp, where I have my blood drawn, chuckled when I told her that I saw my order included urinalysis and that "I'm ready any time to do my part."  She immediately reached for a cup and said, "You know where the bathroom is, right?"  "I sure do."

2.  I spent much of the day reviewing memory cards that hold pictures I lost on the external hard drive I busted nearly three years ago.  I found more pictures I hoped I'd find -- I made more folders and made more flickr albums, with many more to come.  I've resigned myself to what I think is the fact that I have lost the card with my end of June, 2011 pictures on it -- the ones I took in Ashland and on the Rogue River driving home.  It's disappointing, but I keep hoping they'll surprise me and pop up...but that hope is pretty faint.  (I loved that weekend with Bill and Diane and I had a great time taking pictures....but everything is temporary, right?)

3.  I finalized a decision with the financial guys today, but when Dillon and I got to talking about the wonders of the game of golf and about golf courses in this area, that was more fun than talking about income and draw downs. I detected melancholy in my voice when I explained why I don't play any longer.

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