Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 05/12/15: Appt. on Wednesday, Back Up, First Solo Flight

1.  Both of my doctors have web-based messaging services and yesterday, after a nudge from several Facebook friends, I let both my doctors know I had blacked out on Saturday.  My primary doctor asked me if I wanted to come in ASAP.  I couldn't come in right away, but made an appointment for first thing Wednesday morning and so I'll be driving to Laurel to talk things over with Dr. Cullen -- and, peering into my crystal ball, I see blood work in my immediate future.

2.  Most of my files and folders were already backed up, but I'd neglected a few of them and I had some housecleaning to do with stuff on my desktop.  I got it almost all done.  My "holding hands" and "come have a sit' folders might need some attention.

3.  Molly and Hiram closed the deal this afternoon on the purchase of their house and I watched Olivia and David solo for the first time, solo.  We did pretty well.  I tried to set up situations where they weren't competing for who gets what physical object and to keep a running dialogue going where I asked questions about Batman or Bird Town or Monkey Lunch and that kept them, for the most part, getting along and us having fun.  We all survived Grandpa's first solo flight really well.

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