Monday, May 11, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 05/10/15: Early Morning Church, What a Nana!, Farmers Market, BONUS

1.  I decided to try the 8:00 service at St. Andrews in College Park.  The service was sparsely attended -- I think everyone there greeted each other during the passing of the peace -- and it's a spare service with no music.  As far as life at home, it might be a good service for me to attend regularly.  It sure worked out well today.

2.  David and Olivia came over to see us while Hiram and Molly had a walk through at the house they are buying.  I marvel at how many different ideas the Deke has for things for the kids to do to keep them freshly stimulated -- everything from knitting to sidewalk chalk to reading a book together -- and more.

3.  In order to fix dinner, I had to go to the Co-op and the Roosevelt Center was alive with live music for the Green Man Festival -- in addition, there were booths with food and different wares -- including tie-dye! -- and it was the first day of the Sunday Farmers Market.  I strolled through the Farmer's Market, made some mental notes -- kale here, strawberries there, apples at that place -- noted that farmers at the market were from Pennsylvania as well as Maryland and Virginia.  I'll go back next week, bring cash -- I forgot to do so today -- and buy some fresh food products.  (This, by the way, is one of several Farmers Markets in the immediate area, reminding me that although we live in the bewildering labyrinth of the D. C. suburbanopolis, there's a lot of farming going on nearby.)

BONUS:  MOM UPDATE:  Mom's week got off to a difficult start with intense pain in her lower back and hip and then, on Tuesday, it all but disappeared.  We've talked at least three times since Tuesday, when she saw a doctor, and she sounds really good.  She and Carol have worked things out so that she spends her nights by herself.  Carol and Paul come over daily to help her out with different things and she's getting M-F help from a woman who does housework, the CNA who bathes her and does other things around the house, and from three other medical professionals less frequently.  Before too long, Christy and Everett will live next door to Mom.  All of this makes me live much more peacefully with the fact that I am needed here in Maryland and can't be two places at once. 

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