Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 05/25/15: High Energy, Recovery, Another Flickr Day

1.  It was a lively morning:  Jack woke up, and as always, he's right at it, ready to eat, play, and be busy.  Soon Molly and Olivia arrived and then Olivia and Jack got right at it chasing a squirrel out back, then began the cycle I remember so well from when I was a boy:  coming in/going out, coming in/going out, coming in/going out about a hundred times.  Soon they settled again inside, playing and imagining all kinds of things, prancing between the guest room and the living room.  Endless, and I mean, endless energy!

2. I went back through memory cards from my picture taking past, hoping I'd find pictures that I lost when I sropped and busted an external storage drive back in 2012.  There is one weekend of pictures from Ashland that I'm very sorry is lost forever, I'm afraid, but that was balanced out by a set of pictures I took in Cataldo and then on up the North Fork that I thought I'd also lost, but that today I found.  Finding these pictures helped me feel better about the ones I lost forever -- well, not totally lost -- some of them are in Facebook albums, but they are shrunken versions.

3.  My uploads onto Flickr increased several fold today as I worked diligently to upload pictures on my hard drive into the Flickr-verse.

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