Saturday, May 16, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 05/15/15: On the Road to Nyack, Shorties and Snacks at Growler and Gill, Quiet and NINKASI!

1.  The Deke and I got our weekend bags packed and piled into the Subaru and it was off to Nyack, NY.  All the landmarks are becoming familiar:  the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel, the Delaware Memorial Bridge, the service area on the New Jersey Turnpike named after New Jersey luminaries (e.g. James Fenimore Cooper, Clara Barton, Woodrow Wilson -- Tony Soprano hasn't made the cut yet), the sometime bewildering Toll Plazas on both the New Jersey and the Garden State Parkway, and exit #11 off I-87 that signals we are almost to Adrienne's.

2.  I wore my t-shirt representing my favorite tap room west of the Mississippi (16 Tons in Eugene) to visit my favorite tap room east of the Mississippi (Growler and Grill in Nanuet) and Growler and Gill was all I'd hoped for and more.  Being served in shorties, I drank a couple of New York IPAs, another from Wisconsin, and closed out with a Helles Lager from Germany.  The beers were terrific and the meat and cheese plate, order of spinach spread/dip with chips and seasoned bread, order of Polish pierogis, and cheese pizza hit the spot.  It was fun meeting up with Adrienne and her pal Alex, and, in good time, the Deke drove to the day care center so Jack could join us.  This was a great party.

3.  I was puzzled at Growler and Grill.  The last couple of times I've been there on a Friday afternoon, the place got really crowded and then noisy and it was difficult to talk -- but, tonight, it stayed quiet and it was easy to talk at our table.  Then, being the crafty sleuth I am, I discovered that the Growler and Gill has outside seating in the back.  It was a warm evening and a pretty good crowd was seated out there.  I was happy to be indoors with good short glasses of beer, excellent snacks, and unbeatable company.  (Oh!  By the way, Growler and Gill had Ninkasi's Oatis on tap and had 12 oz bottles of both Ninkasi's Tricerahops Double IPA and Oatis on the shelf.  I haven't seen a Ninkasi bottle or tap handle anywhere east of the Mississippi River -- seeing them startled me with delight and I brought a couple Tricerahops home to Adrienne's.  They will bring me some Saturday bliss.

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