Monday, May 18, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 05/17/15: Milestones, Dinners, Popcorn Party

1.  Somehow, it makes the drive from Nyack to Greenbelt seem shorter and faster now that I've identified milestones or turning points along the way.  The first one comes when we leave the Garden State Turnpike and enter the New Jersey Turnpike; the second is when the New Jersey Turnpike goes from being six lanes, with three of them dedicated to cars only, back to being a freeway of cars, trucks, and buses mixed together; the third is the Delaware Memorial Bridge; the last milestone is the Baltimore Harbor Tunnel.  As we pass under the claustrophobic confines of this tunnel, we can say, "All right! We are almost home! (Unless 1-95 becomes a congested mess!)"

2.  We had a safe drive home with only a few congestion delays and I headed straight to the Co-op to stock the pantry and start thinking about meals for the upcoming week.

3.  The Deke and I celebrated the end of a great three day weekend trip to see Jack and Adrienne with a buttery, salty, crunchy popcorn party.

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