Sunday, May 31, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 05/30/15: Car Delivery, Smoking Cigs in the Car, Gin and Fresh Squeezed IPA

1.  I'm house/dog/cat sitting for the Diaz family this coming week and the Deke will use their Element while they are gone and the Deke is under the weather so I drove the Sube down to Groveton, saw the Diaz family off as they headed off to their family reunion, and then I drove the Diaz's Element to Greenbelt. Luckily, the traffic on the Beltway was light to moderate in volume (I only had to brake to a stop once) and so I enjoyed driving the down and back.

2.  Getting back to Groveton involved more transfers and modes of transportation than usual.  Ha! You see, the Greenbelt Metro station is closed this weekend for major track replacement and so after I rode the G12 to the Greenbelt station, I then rode the Metro shuttle bus to College Park station where I boarded the Green line train -- it was running the opposite way from what it usually does -- that disoriented me a bit, but burly Metro employees with strong voices called out instructions as to which train to board and I believed them! -- rode it to my old favorite station, Archives, where I crossed the platform and got on the Yellow line for Huntington.  Once at Huntington, I needed to catch the Fairfax Connector bus #161 to the corner near the Diaz's home, but the 161 runs hourly on Saturdays and I had about a thirty minute wait.  Goodness looked down upon me and a slightly disabled woman about my age with a cane, though.  The 161 waiting area was in the shade and a breeze had kicked up.  Not only that, Molly was kind enough to do some text messaging with me to make the time fly and we had a fun "talk" about travel and kids and those days fifty years ago when both the Deke and I traveled in our parents' cars without a/c, the windows closed, and both of our parents smoking.  Ha!  Those were the days and before I knew it, the 161 arrived, I got off at Harrison Lane and Bedrock and strolled the short distance to my home for the next week.

3.  Once back to the Diaz home, I drank a couple Seagram's Gin with Twisted Lime on the rocks, fell asleep for a while, and later went to Shoppers and much to my delight and amazement, not even looking for it, I found a six pack of Deschutes Fresh Squeezed IPA, one of my favorite of all beers.  I was too tired when I got back home to enjoy a beer, but I look forward to drinking about one a day as this week progresses. There might be a lot of things going downhill in the world, but, right now, in the world of beer, things are going uphill and having Bend, OR's Deschutes beer migrate to the Mt. Vernon Shopping Plaza in Hybla Valley in Alexandria, VA is one sign of things being pretty good.

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