Sunday, May 17, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 05/16/15: Folks Who Live on the Hill, Walking the Hudson, Hide and Seek with Jack

1.  I often forget wealthy people live in the world.  Oh, I read about them in the news, but I rarely encounter the wealthy or lay eyes on their houses.  Today, I took a very short drive to Upper Nyack on my way to Nyack Beach State Park and there they were:  the wealthy.  Upper Nyack features several old houses with stone walls, tons of rooms, and smartly manicured lawns, a handful of them perched above the Hudson River with what I imagine are spectacular views.  On the rare occasion that I see houses like this, I always think the same thing -- what a headache.

2.  Nyack Beach State Park features a wide path along the Hudson River.  I enjoyed walking this path, taking pictures, which I'll look when I return to Greenbelt, and nodding to other people walking the same path, along with bicyclists and a handful of people fishing from the bank.

3.  The Deke left to run some errands and to pick up Adrienne, leaving me to have solo time with Jack.  We spent some time watching YouTubes of Thomas the Train transforming into Opthomas Prime, and then we played, the highlight being hide and seek.  When Jack plays hide and seek, he tells me where he's going to hide (under Mommy's bed), I act like I don't know where he is, and when he gets impatient with me looking for him under tables, in closets, behind the couch, and in drawers, he calls out to me, "Bop! I'm under Mommy's bed!" and he laughed and laughed when I said, "I can't find Jack.  This is making me so tired, I'm going to take a nap."  I lay down on the bed Jack was under and when he popped out, I acted like I'd just seen a ghost and Jack laughed and laughed.  He's a tireless lad at four years old, with a lot on his mind and an active imagination.  He's a challenge to keep up with -- and I don't think I quite meet that challenge!  

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