Thursday, May 21, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 05/20/15: Buckling Down, Another Fitness Day, Eggplant Stretcher

1.  I strapped myself into a chair at the desk, buckled down, and scanned documents so I'd have electronic records of blood draw directives, the Deke's PERS statement, and other things.

2.  I picked up the Deke at her school and we went straight to the Fitness Center and we have another day of success as we try to get a routine underway.

3.  The recipe for the Szechuan eggplant we enjoy calls for two eggplants.  We only had one -- so, the Szechuan eggplant dish became Szechuan eggplant and tofu with ramen noodles.  At our apartment home, we like to think of tofu as eggplant stretcher.

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