Saturday, May 9, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 05/08/15: Patience Makes Lighter, Old Line Conference, Adultery and Murder

1.  Ah!  Back to the Greenbelt Aquatic Center today and a slight increase in my swimming distance. My first goal, since early October, when I weighed 243, has been to reach 220 pounds and, for about two weeks, I've been stuck at at 221.6.  The last time my weight got down to 210 was in about 2003/2004 when I was swimming regularly and I'm hoping that swimming, along with some walking, will help me get to 220.  I'll keep the immortal words of Horace in mind:  "Patience makes lighter...." Then I can set my eyes on another goal.

2.  The Deke and I, once again, have some decisions to make about things in our life. We've left Eugene, so we don't have the great thinking beer hall of 16 Tons or the great thinking beer and food halls of Cornucopia or Billy Mac's to go to in order to sort things out, but this evening we went to the Old Line Bistro in Beltsville for a pint and some food and we talked about what we see ourselves doing together in the next twelve months or so. We returned to the Subaru smiling, happy to do what we enjoy doing: putting a lot of possibilities on the table.

3. After the Beltsville Conference, I finished an episode of Inspector Lewis I had started late last night.  I gotta say, in the Oxford of this show, you just never know who is hopping in bed with whom and what murders will result from all this extracurricular activity.

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