Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 06/30/15: Pike Blend Boost, Tommy Maddox Comeback, Farewell to Phyllis

1. Sometimes a tall paper cup of Pike Market blend from Starbucks with some 2 percent milk just hits the spot and gets the day off on the right start.  That was my experience this morning.

2. Do you remember when the supposed washed up Tommy Maddox led the Pittsburgh Steelers to a heart stopping 36-33 victory on January 5, 2003?  If not, don't feel too out of it.  I hadn't thought about this game for years, but, as I was getting caught up on my blog this afternoon in the inspiring confines of our Super 8 motel room, this game was featured on the NFL Network and I got a big thrill out of watching Maddox lead the Steelers to a most improbable come from behind victory.  It was fun to enjoy a little livin in the past.

3. Our most enjoyable visit with the Deke's stepmother, Phyllis, came to an end this evening over bar food and a beer at Spag's Bar and Grill in Williamston, MI. John came by and so did Nella and Cecie and her friend Connor joined in and we had a fun time together and then the Deke and I went to Phyllis' condo, loaded up a couple of pieces of furniture in the Sube that had belonged the Deke's Grandma Cassie, said good-by to Phyllis, and a great day came to a close.

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