Sunday, July 26, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 07/25/15: Breakfast at Penny Lane, Walmart Ripoff Redeemed, Heading Into Our Sixties

1. Around 9:00, I strolled west on Cameron Avenue to Knott's Landing where Donnie Knott was fixing an awesome breakfast of waffles, fried eggs, sausage, potatoes, and coffee for me and Abby. We picked right up from where we'd been the night before yakkin about all kinds of stuff and brought the weekend get together of the Hall of Fame of Great Guys to an end.

2. Chaos. Corporate thievery. I made a run to the Smelterville Walmart for Mom and got home and a quick inspection of the receipt made it clear: she got ripped off. The cashier guy evidently (and accidently, let's hope) scanned one of Mom's boxes of Quaker's granola twice. This meant Mom got ripped off for $4.50 and she could not abide such an injustice. On our way up the river, Christy and I stopped at Walmart and I went to the customer service counter where the friendly and efficient Walmart agent pushed buttons here, had me sign there, explained this, and asked for that and, before I knew it, I had a refund to give back to Mom.  Order restored.

3. Christy and I were going up the river to take part in the KHS Class of '73's 60th birthday celebration. I had a great time talkin' with many of Christy's classmates and getting caught up on what's happening these days as we longtime friends head into our sixties. The event also turned out to be small reunion for my fellow members of the Class of '72. It was great to see and yak with Sharon and Wanda and before long birthday boy Ed and Joni arrived and we split off for a while and met Jake and Carol Lee at the Snake Pit for drinks and food. The whole afternoon and evening was Silver Valley life at its very finest.

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