Friday, July 17, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 07/16/15: Pine Creek Tavern Lunch, Pork Roast Dinner, Perfect Raspberry Dessert

1.  Don Knott and Scott Stuart and I met at the Pine Creek Tavern where I had a 1/3 lb. cheeseburger with a couple of Miller High Lifes and I felt like I was living the High Life indeed. The Pine Creek Tavern food is first rate, the beer is ice cold x 10, and it was the perfect spot for three lifelong friends to sit and bring it all back as well as talk about our lives in 2015. Don and Scott have a gift, I'll tell ya, for telling stories about when they played men's league basketball in the Silver Valley for Johnny's Bar and making me feel like I was a member of their squad, or, at the very least, there to witness the epic games they played and the post-game action that occurred in Johnny's Bar itself in downtown Smelterville.

2. After lunch, I returned to Mom's to assume the duty of cook for the night. I put a pre-seasoned pork roast in the oven, cooked up a mess of green beans with corn cut off a couple of cobs seasoned with a couple of strips of bacon, and threw together a green salad. Christy brought over macaroni salad and apple sauce and Mom and Everett and Christy, and I sat on Mom's deck on a perfectly cool and comfortable Kellogg evening and enjoyed our meal and one another's company.

3. Mom continues to flex her garden muscles as part of her therapy to make use of her damaged right arm and the sweetest part of her therapy is the raspberries she picks.  Tonight, Christy turned a batch of those raspberries into another raspberry pie and it was the perfect dessert to finish off our pork roast dinner.

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