Thursday, July 23, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 07/22/15: Garage Looking Good, David's Legos, Christy Needs a Drink Taster

1. With minor rearranging, I made a space in the garage for Mom's all-terrain walker.  This required me to put the ShopVac on "blow", and blow some more dust, grass, and leafy material out of the garage. My success in completing this project gave me such a strong jolt of adrenaline, that I returned to the east side of the garage and rearranged things there so that it looks tidy and orderly.

2. Back in Greenbelt, Molly needed the Deke to spend much of the day with David. She bought him a new Legos kit and the video she posted on Facebook made me wish I could have been there to see him meticulously build away.

3. Christy found a recipe for a bourbon drink that is kind of a citrus version of an Old Fashioned and she needed to try it out before serving it to guests on Thursday, and I accepted her offer to be a volunteer drink taster -- and it was very good.

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