Sunday, July 19, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 07/18/15: Breakfast Nook in Breakfast Town, Surprise! Jake Shows Up, Back Deck Pizza

1.  After feeding the dogs and cats and cleaning up after them and spending nearly two hours watering the lawn and flowers at Carol and Paul's, going to the bank for Mom and shopping for her at Yoke's, and digging up a rose in Mom's garden, it was just past nine o'clock and Ed called and I found out when he and Nancy and Austen and Lee would be at the Breakfast Nook and so I drove to CdA and me up with them.  For me, CdA has become the city of breakfasts and craft beer. My Breakfast Nook plate of hamburger steak medium rare, eggs sunny side up, fluffy, golden hash browns with Tabasco sauce, sourdough toast, and coffee was perfectly delicious and filling. CdA is definitely Breakfast Town.

2.  Ed and I headed down to the CdA Casino to try our luck one last time while I'm in Idaho and my playing luck was bad and I quit long before Ed and I left to come back to the Silver Valley. Sometimes I just know my playing is going nowhere and today was one of those days and I'm glad I gave in, gave it up, and didn't spend much money.  BUT, the day had two great moments.  I was walking around with my tail between my legs, feeling sorry for myself after about an hour down there and I ran into Jake! What a great surprise! Then, as Ed and I were getting ready to leave, we stuck around after Jake won over 300 free spins on the Electrifying Riches machine and watched all his spins to see how he did and it went pretty darn well. So, yeah, my luck wasn't good, but I didn't push it, and I got to see Jake and witness him have some good luck and that made the trip down a whole lot of fun.

3. Back in Kellogg, I found out that Christy had ordered Everett, Mom, her, and me a Canadian bacon, pineapple, olive, and mushroom pizza from Wildcat Pizza and that she had some Rolling Rock beers to go with it. The four of us relaxed on Mom's deck as the evening grew cooler, enjoyed our pizza and beer, and I'd be very surprised if I woke up Sunday and the world had any problems since I'm pretty sure we solved them all.

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