Saturday, July 11, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 07/10/15: Errands, Butterfly Chair Covers, Making the Trip South

1.  I took a day off from helping Christy and Everett move in and ran some errands for Mom: bank, post office, Stein's, Yoke's, the water district, and Ace Hardware for cash, stamps, groceries, and the paying of a couple of bills.

2.  Mom wants new covers for the butterfly chairs she's owned since at least the Eisenhower administration and, thanks to the magic of online shopping, I ordered her new covers, due to arrive next week.

3. After a family dinner of BLTs, Ed swung by and we had a ton of things to talk about as we headed down to the CdA Casino for some easy entertainment where neither one of us won any money, but neither one of us got creamed, either.  As always, it's not the casino that's the most fun -- it's the trip down and back and the talking.

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