Thursday, July 9, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 07/09/15: Improved Dental Record, Who Needs Belize?, Riding Home with Christy

1.  I have made a conscious effort over the last six months to practice better dental care -- another retirement goal that never makes the television commercials -- and today I walked east on Cameron Avenue here in Kellogg for a check up and cleaning at Bird Family Dental and Cathy saw ten areas of gum improvement and said overall things looked about 80 percent better from when I saw her in December. 

2.  It seems like I always see these retirement ads where older men in golf shirts who take regular doses of Viagra are soaking up the tropical heat and today I thought:  Who needs to go to Belize to soak up the heat?  I just went to Kettle Falls/Martin Creek for temperatures that climbed to about 105 degrees and worked up a good sweat helping Everett load a U Haul trailer and pickup bed with chairs and tables and a table saw and a snow blower (ha!) and other things.  Everett and I worked without complaining, made a bunch of wise cracks, and took plenty of breaks in the air conditioned living room and got almost everything loaded.  I don't know when the next trip to Kettle Falls/Martin Creek to bring another load to Kellogg will be. 

3.  Christy and I rode back to Kellogg together, keeping an eye on Everett pulling the U Haul, and it gave us a chance to get just about everything figured out, ranging from our mutual retirements to how we can keep helping Mom.  Yes, loading stuff in the intense heat was the hardest physical task I've undertaken in many years, but working well and having a good time with Everett and getting to have such a good ride home with Christy made it all, in retrospect, seem easy. 

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