Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 07/28/15: Granddaughter Ana Maria is Born, Sibs at Michael D's, Sibs Join Stu at Manito Taphouse

1. The day began with most beautiful news.  Molly gave birth to Ana Maria Diaz. I'll have more to report when I am back in Maryland on Wednesday, July 29th.  My impression at this time is that all is going well. Ana is the Deke's and my fourth grandchild.  (Wow!)

2. Christy, Carol, and I spent my last day in the Inland Empire enjoying a sibling outing.  We started the day in Breakfast Town, also known as Coeur d'Alene, and enjoyed a hearty breakfast at Michael D's.  I enjoyed corned beef hash, a couple of eggs, home fried potatoes, and a side of one biscuit with gravy.  It's a good thing Greenbelt, MD is NOT Breakfast Town.  It would be difficult to resist indulging myself often which would not help out my efforts to keep my weight and blood pressure down!

3. After taking care of some business in CdA and enjoying the floral beauty of the Duncan Gardens and picking up some snacks at Trader Joe's for my flight to Baltimore, we met with lifelong friend Scott "Stu" Stuart at the superb South Hill gastropub, The Manito Taphouse.  We had a great time talking with each other, enjoying the enthusiasm and beer knowledge of our server, Emily, and our excellent dinner. I kept thinking throughout our time that I just don't get whey such a place doesn't exist in Greenbelt or College Park...Denizen's in Silver Spring is close and Franklin's in Hyattsville is too big -- and I'd live to see a joint similar to The Manito Taphouse open nearby in our neck of Maryland.  Sigh. If I were a rich man......

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