Saturday, July 18, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 07/17/15: Tending the Roberts' Property, GinTalk at Dick and Renae's, Plannin' with Ed

1.  I grabbed a Senior Coffee at McDonald's at around six a.m. and headed over to Carol and Paul's and tried to make my way flawessly through the checklist of dog care, garden and yard care, cat care, and other things while the Roberts are in San Francisco.  I made with only two text messages to Carol about the watering valves and the location of two geranium plants.  I think I'll nail it all without a hitch on Saturday morning.

2. Mom and Christy and I piled into Mom's Malibu and headed over to what I'll call the Silver Mountain condos at the base of the gondola as guests of Dick and Renae Costa for some snacks and gin. We had a blast talking about life in the Valley back when we were younger and the industrial smoke blanketed the Valley and Renae went on blind dates and Mom and Renae taught together and Kellogg was packed with young people on the move, starting their teaching jobs in School District #391.  I missed a lot of those days, but Dick and Renae and Christy and Mom helped me feel like I was right here instead of being in Cd'A and Spokane going to school and getting my life as a teacher underway at Whitworth.

3. Ed and I met for a quick smash at Noah's and called Mike and called Carol Lee and did all we could to get our crowded social schedule figured out, both now and in November. It's a job in itself what with all we have going on, but I think we almost did it, and can move forward into our wild world of airplane rides, lake parties, patio reunions, and trips to the casino.  And we did it without spreading our planners on the bar.

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