Sunday, July 12, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 07/11/15: Back to the Garden, Mini Forensic Files Binge, Superb Chicken Dinner

1. We woke up Saturday morning to a much cooler Kellogg, Idaho -- and we even got some hard rain. Mom decided to take her all-terrain walker out to the raspberry patch and sit in her sturdy plastic gardening chair and pick raspberries.  She told me that if I was looking for something to do, I could dead head flowers in the back yard.  Then she complained that she didn't feel right about having anyone over to her deck/back yard because of all the weeds.  Hint taken. I got a lot of dead heads clipped off and than spent about ninety minutes weeding the very back flower area of Mom's yard and a couple of other areas as well. I think things look better.

2. I came back to me today. One of the things I enjoy about being at Mom's is watching episode after episode of Forensic Files -- it's such a tight show. Each half hour episode covers a heinous murder, the problems it gives investigators, and how forensic scientists can figure out the crime from a strand of hair or a chip of paint or a fiber from a piece of clothing or some other seemingly insignificant piece of evidence and put together a case that prosecutes the perpetrator. I rested after my weed pulling session by marveling at couple of episodes of Forensic Files and returned to a couple more before going to sleep for the night.

3. Carol and Paul invited Mom and Christy and me over to their place for some chicken grilled on the Weber, a vegetable medley (featuring eggplant!), some rice, garden fresh salad, watermelon wedges, and a dessert of apple, huckleberry, rhubarb crisp. Christy stayed in her new home to wait for Everett to return from Kettle Falls and to rest her overworked muscles and joints, so we delivered this superb meal to her and Everett when we came back to Mom's.

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