Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Three Beautiful 'Things 07/20/15: Zach Wins; Jordan's a Sportsman, Molly's Back, Patio Dinner

1.  After watering and doing the needed pet care at Carol and Paul's, I came back to Mom's and watched the thrilling last round of the British Open and the four hole playoff.  Zach Johnson's win was exciting, especially his putts on 18 and on the first two playoff holes. During the playoff, the camera showed Jordan Spieth, who fell one stroke short of also being in the playoff, and who needed a victory to keep his Grand Slam aspirations alive, actually watching the playoff. My jaw dropped. I thought it was customary for players who fell short in tournaments to get to the locker room and parking lot as soon as possible and speed off. Not only did Spieth stick around, when the tournament ended, he was among the first to greet and congratulate Zach Johnson when he walked off the 18th green at the playoff's end.

I immediately thought of all the athletes who would see such sportsmanship as a sign of weakness. I thought of all the players who want to crush their opponents and figure sportsmanship gets in the way of achieving a crush the opponent competitive edge. I texted Ted in New Jersey and said that Spieth must have left his Tiger Woods etiquette manual back in the U.S.A. I can't imagine Tiger Woods falling a stroke short in a tournament, sticking around to watch a playoff, and then bro-hugging the winner.

But Spieth did.

I admire that.

2. I went over to Carol and Paul's in the afternoon to let Sadie and Juliet outside and MOLLY WAS HOME! She had returned from her surprise visit to Eugene for Zoe's birthday and from her camping trip to Palouse Falls and she said she'd take care of the lawn/garden watering and the dogs and cats.

3.  Christy and Everett picked up some Tony Roma ribs in CdA and Christy fixed Mom and Everett and me a dinner of ribs, rice, Asian salad, and broccoli.  We sat out on Christy and Everett's patio in the cooling evening air and enjoyed the food and one another's company. It's great having these new next door neighbors.

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