Friday, July 3, 2015

Three Beautiful Thngs 07/02/15: Drizzly Walk, Unadvertised Retirement, Co-op Basil Grace

1.  The Sube needed some clutch work done and so, after I dropped off the car, I got in a misty, drizzly, cool, humid walk this morning from the Greenbelt Service Center/Sunoco station back to our apartment home

2. Adrienne and Jack rolled in from Nyack this afternoon and Molly and Olivia and David were already here and Hiram came later and the Deke and I teamed up to make a pot of pasta, olive oil, basil, parm cheese, garlic, and tomatoes and the Deke made a cabbage salad and the kids loved playing and running from room to room dreaming up games to play and laughing and it was a good family time together.  It was one of those times in my retirement that never makes it on the retirement ads on television.  Neither does spending two nights in a dumpy Super 8 near East Lansing.  I'm not experiencing retirement as advertised.

3. Down at the Co-op I asked the produce supervisor if they were out of fresh basil and she said they were and so I was planning a trip to Safeway when the produce supervisor reappeared with a fresh basil package that was already opened. She told me she'd needed to take some basil out of it for something she was working on and I could have the rest at a reduced price and I almost sang the opening verse of "Amazing Grace" aloud, but instead I thanked her very much.

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