Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Three Beautiful Things 07/07/15: Retirement Goal Met, Holiday Decorations, Margaritaville

1.  Today I saw another one of those retirement commercials and it was about setting retirement goals and I remembered when I talked with Kathy back in Eugene and she asked me about my goals and I said that near the top for me was helping my sister move from Kettle Falls/Martin Creek to Kellogg. I said,"Who needs retirement travel to Trafalgar Square or volunteering for the Red Cross when I can help load and unload a U-Haul truck?" Ha!  She looked puzzled, but today I could email her and tell her that I am meeting this goal.  Paul, Everett, and I worked for a few hours today getting Christy and Everett's belongings out of the truck and into the house, the garage, and the side of the garage.  Life is good!

2. Christy loves the holidays and has about twenty-five tubs with Christmas decorations, Harvest/Autumn things, Easter/Spring materials and after we got the truck unloaded, I carried these tubs to the basement and got the storage down there underway.  Life's still good!

3. We ended the day with a late birthday party for Carol and Everett.  Both have a July 3 birthday.  I was assigned to make margaritas and here's how I like to make them:  a proper pour of silver tequila, a proper amount of margarita mix, a nice amount of fresh squeezed orange juice, and a splash of 7-Up.  Everyone seemed to agree:  these margaritas were pretty darn good. I mean life is really good!

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