Friday, September 30, 2016

Three Beautiful Things 09/29/16: Hour in the Pool, Black Bean Chili, Frames of Reference and Roadfood

1.  One hour of my day approached perfection:  I went to the pool and used my funny blue aquatic noodle to do a series of exercises I've learned in the aerobics class I take -- I exercised and stretched many muscles and increased my heart rate.  I relaxed afterwards for about five minutes in the hot tub.

2.  I found a recipe for ground beef and black bean chili that promised a great tasting meal that would take a short amount of time to fix. The recipe included bacon, so I stopped off at the Co-op and bought some bacon and other items. I decided I wanted a batch of meatless chili, substituting chunks of sweet potato for the bacon and ground beef.  It made me very happy that Molly and Hiram and the Deke enjoyed the chili and that they didn't complain about the slightly overbaked cornbread I fixed. Want to take a peek at this recipe?  Just go here.

3.  I thought about watching a movie this evening, but realized I just didn't feel like having visual stimulation, so I put in the earbuds and listened to a podcast episode of Invisibilia entitled "Frame of Reference" (it's here) and an animated interview, here, on Special Sauce with Roadfood authors, Jane Stern and Michael Stern.  The second interview led me to go to the Roadfood website and my visit set about thirty minutes worth of food fantasies going in my head.

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