Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Three Beautiful Things 09/30/18: Back to Red Barn, Trip to Rita's, Wrapping Up the Day

1. I enjoyed the quiet and the coffee and bagel so much on Saturday at the Red Barn that on Sunday I returned for another session of writing in my notebook and an enjoyable bite to eat with coffee. My only disappointment was that the woman who worked the counter yesterday was not working today. On Saturday, when she saw my last name on my debit card, she said, "That's interesting! My last name is Wollam." I told her that over the years I've kept a running record in my mind of all the ways my name has been spelled wrong and Wollam was one of them! I wondered if she had family back in Tennessee and Kentucky, and she said she didn't, but that she was from Ohio. I know from Facebook that we have some family in Ohio and our conversation simply left the two of us wondering if we had some shared ancestors and if different branches of the family tree simple spelled our family name differently.

2. Rita was at the Celebration of Life, but we didn't get much of a chance to visit. I called her from the Red Barn and wondered if I could drop in and she said I could. So I did. I bolted in the Sube down I-5 to Creswell.  Rita told me about how she is working to teach some philosophy again, with hopes she might lead a group of women at Sponsors in a group that reads and discusses philosophy and world religion. (Sponsors is a social service group in Eugene that offers transitional housing and other services to men and women coming out of prison.) Already, Rita is meeting with a woman in her early thirties who is transitioning out of prison and they are reading together and Rita is helping the woman think more clearly and fully and helping her improve as a writer.

Rita and I peeled, cored, cut bruises off, and sliced up apples and pears a friend had given her and then we headed out to Linda's property in the country and took a look at the tiny house Linda is building in the huge work shed on her property.

3. I returned to Eugene hungry for lunch and decided to stop in at an old favorite spot of the Deke's and mine back in the olden days. I went to Chao Pra Ya, the Thai restaurant that was close to where we used to live. I had a hankering for wide noodles so I ordered a delicious plate of Pad Se Ew with tofu and I loved it.

After lunch, I hustled out to Francoise and Herb's house to pick up a cell phone charger the Deke had left there a few days ago and had a good visit with them and soon I blasted back to Gladstone for another night at the Turner's house.

Terry "bought me a beer" soon after I walked in the house and we enjoyed Ft. George's delicious IPA called The Optimist and soon sat down to a delicious cabbage lasagna dinner, smartly complimented with leftover potato/leek soup and some almond flour bread. We sat up for a while and gabbed about podcasts we had listened to and what we enjoy, but by shortly before nine o'clock, I hit the wall and excused myself to hit the hay.

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