Monday, October 15, 2018

Three Beautiful Things 10/14/18: Reunion with Grebe, Preparing Family Dinner, Solid Family Dinner

1. Some time in the summer of 1973, I wandered over to Teeter's Field and watched the Kellogg-Wallace American Legion baseball team play for a while. As a first year alumnus of the Legion team,I don't know why I didn't check them out more often, but I do know it's the last time I saw Steve Grebil who was a great baseball teammate in the summer and a tough basketball opponent from Wallace in the winter.

Well, today, I got to see Grebe, who was in the Valley on a visit from Boise, for the first time in forty-five years. He and his brother, Mike, who I see regularly at the Lounge, had a round of golf scheduled at around 12:30, so I drove up to the Shoshone Golf Club around noon and Steve and I sat in Mike's golf cart and talked about what were up to these days, reminisced about things from when we were young ballplayers, and Grebe told me a story or two about Dad.

Mike arrived, hit a few balls at the driving range, and soon it was time for the Grebes to hit the links and time for me to drive back to Kellogg after a great reunion with Steve.

2. Back home, I made a quick trip to Yoke's and spent much of the afternoon preparing beef stew for tonight's family dinner. I had thawed a small chuck roast and cut it into small pieces. I browned these pieces, seasoned them, and then let them stew for about an hour and a half in five cups of beef stock I've had bubbling in the crock pot since Friday or Saturday. Eventually, I added a variety of vegetables and let the stew cook very slowly until the vegetables were tender and, I hope, not mushy.

Later, I made a salad of Romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, red pepper, and feta cheese. I spent about fifteen minutes experimenting with a vinaigrette. I started with almond oil and added the juice of a lemon, a crushed garlic clove (or two?), and some salt and pepper. I wasn't quite pleased with how this combination tasted, so I added some vinegar, then a little more, tasted it, and decided it would taste better with some honey. I decided this mixture would work all right, so I dressed the salad. I rounded out the meal by slicing a loaf of ciabatta bread.

3. We had a different mixture of family members tonight at dinner. Carol and the Deke were both out of town. But, Cosette and Taylor, her boyfriend, were both in town, so they joined Christy, Everett, Paul, and me. Cosette and Taylor are running a painting business and Christy and Everett have hired them to do some work, so they looked at paint sample cards. Other lively conversation centered on different tv shows, changes the Deke and I made in Mom's house over the last year, and last night's fight night at Worley.

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