Sunday, October 7, 2018

Three Beautiful Things 10/06/18: This and That, Gerrit Cole Dominates, High Holy Day at the Elks Club

1. I got some laundry going. I cleaned up the kitchen. I took care of some Sibling Assignment business with more left to do. The morning and early afternoon were quiet and Maggie and Charly rested contentedly.

2. Much to my delight, the baseball playoff game between Cleveland and Houston came on around 1:30 or so and the pitching performance of Gerrit Cole mesmerized me. In seven innings, he struck out 12 batters without a walk and only made one mistake when he surrendered a home run to Francisco Lindor in the third inning. Before long the Astros erased Cleveland's early 1-0 lead and won the game 3-1.

3. I didn't see the entire game and I didn't watch any of the Yankees' 6-2 win over the Red Sox because today was a high holy day in Kellogg at the Kellogg Elks Club. Stu and Laurie picked me up around 4:00 and we bolted straight to the Elks and registered our tickets for tonight's prime rib dinner and Lame Duck drawing. We were the first to register, we reserved ourselves seats, and strode across the street to have a drink at the Inland Lounge.

When we returned to the Elks, we joined many of our friends: Jake and Carol Lee, Joni, Sharon and Danny, Bert and Cindy, Wanda and Gary, Buff and Kathy, and, when he wasn't preparing for his role as Master of Ceremonies, Ed. It's a night of high drama. Each ticket's number is represented by a ball in a tumbler and, one by one, Cindy drew each ball out of the tumbler and one by one ticket numbers were eliminated. I lasted for about an hour before my number came up. From time to time, Ed auctioned off added tickets and the money went to local charities and service groups.

The night climaxed when ten numbers remained. Those ten ticket holders lined up at the front of the room and they could decide whether they wanted to split the 5000 dollar prize or continue with the drawing. When it got down to either six or seven finalists, they all agreed to split the 5000 bucks and among that group was Jake.

It was a successful night all around. The contest and the auctions raised a good amount of money. The people in attendance had a fun time groaning as friends were, one by one, eliminated and cheered when the final ten were named and they made their decision to split the pot.

It was all over around 9:00. Stu, Laurie, and I joined Jake and Carol Lee, Joni, Ed, and others at the Lounge. We had one nightcap and I returned home where Maggie and Charly were happy to see me and soon we all hit the sack.

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