Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Three Beautiful Things 10/15/18: Appointments at Sacred Heart, All Signed Up, Baseball at the Dirty Dog Saloon

1. Things are moving forward as I work to have my kidney transplant listing moved from the University of Maryland to Sacred Heart in Spokane. I talked with a cheery and very helpful scheduler this morning and, before the end of October, I'll make three visits to the transplant center for a variety of appointments: an orientation class followed up with a visit with my social worker, a day of lab work, ultrasound, cardiology testing, and other tests, and a day of appointments with the transplant team -- surgeon, nephrologist, financial person, dietitian, and pharmacist. I'm not sure when these people will decide to accept or reject me as a candidate, but at the very least, I'll have done what I need to do by the end of the month.

2. I woke up this morning not knowing that Sacred Heart would call, but I had made a commitment within myself to finish up my Medicare business. Because I had already started drawing Social Security, I was automatically enrolled in Medicare and today I went down the street and signed up for supplemental and prescription insurance. Because I could have done all of this over a month ago, I was feeling like I was behind in this process, but, out of the blue, the agent I worked with told me I was really on the ball and she couldn't remember ever working with anyone who was this much ahead of things. All the same, I was happy to be done with all this enrolling.

3. Cas texted me and wondered if I wanted to join him and Seth to watch the Dodgers and Brewers play game #3 of the National League Championship Series at the former Dirty Ernie's, now the Dirty Dog Saloon. I thought that sounded fun and joined them at about the third inning and we watched the Brewers win 4-0. To enhance my enjoyment of the game, I didn't drink any alcohol and so, when I returned home, I was in great shape to fix myself a tofu, potato, and mushroom curry over rice. It hit the spot.

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