Thursday, October 4, 2018

Three Beautiful Things 10/03/18: Reclusive Day, Figuring Out TV Stuff, Steak Dinner

1. My trip to Eugene was both exhilarating -- I love seeing friends and dining in Eugene -- and it was exhausting -- the weekend was intense and I was spent after Louise's Celebration of Life. In addition, I drove many miles between Thursday and Monday. So, today, like yesterday, I was somewhat reclusive. I rested, napped, and quietly tried to regain some equilibrium within myself. By late afternoon and early evening, I felt like I had succeeded.

2. I was very excited for a while when I thought I had figured out how to watch tonight's Oakland/NY baseball game via the TBS app and by logging into Christy's Dish account. But, sigh, after I installed the app and logged in, it turned out that apparently live streaming of the game was blacked out in our area. I did a little searching with my Alexa app, found ESPN radio, and enjoyed listening to much of the game on the radio. Later on, I decided to try a 7 day trial of fuboTV. I know I can watch Thursday's game on fuboTV and three playoff games on Friday. In addition, fuboTV provides access to a couple of Spokane stations, the Golf Channel, NBA TV, and some other channels that I'm interested in. So, I'll give it a shot for seven days, maybe even a month, and decide if I want to stay with it.

By the way, I was disappointed that the A's got crushed last night, disappointed that they were already behind 2-0 after one inning thanks to the Yanks' Aaron Judge's two-run homer. I knew the A's faced a stiff challenge having to play the Yanks in the Bronx, but I'd held out some hope that maybe they'd conjure up some of the magic they'd created during the regular season in winning 97 games, but it wasn't to be.

3. Tuesday, I bought some small, thick sirloin steaks and this afternoon I seasoned them, seared them, smoked up the house, and cooked them just the way the Deke and I like them. I also made a delicious salad and served some broccoli. It was an enjoyable dinner, and, with the Deke flying off to Baltimore early Thursday morning for over two weeks, I liked having some food together before she leaves.

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