Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Three Beautiful Things 10/01/18: Breakfast at Yvonne's, MLB on the Drive Home, Great Leftovers

1. Terry and I shook off the morning cobwebs this morning and rocketed over to Yvonne's in Oregon City for breakfast. I couldn't pass up a blueberry buttermilk pancake made from scratch with real maple syrup and so I ordered one with couple of eggs on the side. It was very satisfying and along with the strong coffee Yvonne's serves, gave me just the fuel I needed to drive home to Kellogg.

2. When I could get radio reception, I listened to as much of the two baseball games as I could on the drive home. It was an historic day in Major League Baseball since in the National League's Western Division the Dodgers and Rockies tied for first place and, in the NL Central Division, Milwaukee and Chicago tied for first, necessitating two tie breaker games, a first ever. I was happy the Brewers won and kept referring to them as the Seattle Pilots in my head and I would have enjoyed it had the Rockies beat the Dodgers, but it didn't matter that much to me.

3. Back home, I let myself into our house occupied by only the corgis. They scream barked at me a little bit, but settled down and soon the Deke texted me that she was over at Christy's. Christy offered me leftovers from yesterday's family dinner and so I got to enjoy the ham, potato dish, and green beans that Christy had made. The ham was especially delicious. Christy made a really good glaze and now we have eaten two hams from the hog we shared and both were awesome.

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