Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Three Beautiful Things 10/17/18: Clinic Visit, New Glasses, Marathon at the Lounge

1. After picking up our third of the beef order Christy, Carol and I went in on, I made a quick trip uptown to the clinic this morning and Tracy drew a sample of blood out of my arm to send to the transplant center in Baltimore. In preparation for my Oct. 23rd series of tests at Sacred Heart, each time I void my bladder, I need to recover it in a jug for twenty-four hours, starting the morning of the 22nd, and I was happy that Tracy had a jug in one of her cupboards and she affixed the very record keeping decal on the jug that I need.

2. I also stopped in at the Kellogg Vision Center and picked up my new glasses.

3. It was quite a baseball day. After I watched the Red Sox dispatch the Astros, 8-2, I went uptown to the Inland Lounge and joined Cas, Tracy, Seth, Angie, Aaron, and Amber and watched the Dodgers and the Brewers lock horns in game marked largely by futility. The teams combined to strike out 32 times. Combined, the two teams left 21 runners on base. Potential rally after potential rally fizzled. By the end of the 12th inning, I bade everyone good night, not wanting to leave Maggie and Charly home alone any longer. Finally, in the 13th inning, the Dodgers eked out a run, this marathon game came to an end after five hours and fifteen minutes, and I went to bed. I'm glad I took my own cans of seltzer water to the Lounge and didn't drink any alcohol. I'm up for marathon baseball games, but a marathon session of alcohol consumption would not have worked well for me.

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