Saturday, October 13, 2018

Three Beautiful Things 10/12/18: Easy Recovery, Back to Eggplant, Beer Club and the Lounge

1. I had a very easy day of recovery from Thursday's oral surgery. I would hardly know I even had the surgery. I am being diligent about taking my antibiotics and using the mouthwash Dr. Pboneenberthy prescribed.

2. I had a fun day cooking: I prepared tofu, eggplant, and mushrooms and I made a green curry sauce so I can enjoy it over rice. I also put two beef bones I bought at Yoke's in the slow cooker with onion, celery, peppers, and various seasonings to get a beef stock going.

3. I drove up to Shawn and Teresa's for Beer Club. Our focus was on Michigan beers. Teresa brought an all day IPA, a vanilla coffee porter, a coffee stout, an amber, and a milk shake stout back to Kellogg from Michigan recently and I contributed a bottle of Founder's  Kentucky Breakfast Stout, a Michigan beer I purchased a few months ago and was saving for just the right beer club meeting.  After beer club, I wanted to see how the Dodgers/Brewers playoff game was going and dropped into the Inland Lounge where I watched the last several innings of the game and saw a bunch of friends. I spent much of my time sitting next to Seth, a knowledgeable and passionate Dodger fan, and it was fun talking about what was transpiring during the game.

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