Sunday, October 14, 2018

Three Beautiful Things 10/13/18: Slow Morning, Trip to Worley, The Matches

1. I had a slow morning, keeping an eye on some golf tournaments on television, doing a little shopping at Yoke's, cleaning up the kitchen, and, by 1:00, watching the first few innings of the Brewers and the Dodgers.

2. At 3:00, I buzzed in the Sube out to Kingston and picked up Ed and we met Jake at Rose Lake Junction, hopped in his truck, and bolted to CdA to meet Stu in the Albertson's parking lot. Jake then chauffeured us to the CdA Casino in Worley where we had tickets for tonight's boxing matches in the House of Fury. We arrived early at the casino. I wasn't in the mood to play machines and I don't like to drink alcohol before watching a sporting event. So Stu and I plopped down in the Red Tail Bar and Grill and each ordered a Coke and watched the Dodgers preserve their come from behind 4-3 win over the Brewers. Soon Jake joined us and I ordered a tasty bowl of chili. Stu and I had hoped to watch the Astros and Red Sox, but this game wasn't telecast on any of the screens in the casino.

Stu and I knew Pete, Jerry, and Jake were over at the Nighthawk Lounge, so we joined them and before long Dave arrived and a bit later Ed took a seat at the table and spirited conversation about everything from Medicare to dental horror stories swirled around until it was time to head into the Event Center to watch the matches.

3. A number of local boxers were featured on tonight's House of Fury card.  The raucous crowd was primed to cheer on boxers from Spokane, Lewiston, and Butte and their enthusiasm climaxed in the final main event bout featuring 329 pound, thirty-five year old longtime local favorite Chauncy "The Hillyard Hammer" Welliver. Despite his visible fatigue, Welliver seemed to draw energy and inspiration from his fans' frequent chants of "Chauncy! Chauncy!" and endured the entire ten rounds and won a unanimous decision over the younger Eric Hempstead of Anaconda. The rest of the night was a mixture of evenly contested matches and a couple of quick fights featuring gross mismatches thanks to a couple of out of shape and unprepared contestants being hired to box. If you'd like to read a detailed account of the evening, just click here.

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