Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Three Beautiful Things 10/02/18: Oil Change, Writing Day, Rockies Win

1. With a couple of trips to Eugene and back in the last couple of months under its belt, the Sube was ready for an oil change and I went straight to Silver Valley Tire this morning and got the job done.

2. For most of the morning, I buckled down in the tv room and got caught up on my blog -- much of what I did was try to capture my experience memorializing Louise Jackson Harrison and the time I spent with good friends.

3. The Deke prepared a delicious salmon dinner and afterward I plopped myself in front of the television and spent the next four hours and fifty-five minutes watching the Chicago Cubs and Colorado Rockies grind away for thirteen innings in a game that seemed like it would never end -- but, alas, the Rockies strung together three soft singles in the top of the thirteenth and won this Wild Card match and now advance to play the Milwaukee Brewers (who I like to call the Seattle Pilots) in the National League Division Series, starting Thursday at Miller Park.

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