Friday, August 24, 2007

Three Beautiful Things 08/24/07: Dead Tree, Blessed Jar, Mystery Boots

I thought I'd post three pictures encapsulating the trip InlandEmpireGirl, JEJ, and I made today. Our two most fun stops were at the Malo Trading Post and Antiques and to the Second Time Around Country Store:

1. This dead tree shimmered in the midst of all the junk surrounding it.

2. The light of heaven shines its grace upon this jar.

3. These boots seemed to pay homage to cowboys who had died. I'm not sure what these boots actually stood for.


Christy Woolum said...

I love the jar picture. Isn't it amazing we can be at the same place and have different photo images?

Hope said...

You are eclectic.

Anonymous said...

mm...the dead tree image set me thinking about how we tend to become and be influenced by our environment...the boot was bait for photographer like yourself? :=)) Thanks for the post!