Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Three Beautiful Things 08/27/07: Tutor Me, Support, Gruber

1. I'm kind of a later comer I suppose, but I am finding the world of online tutorials not only specifically helpful for the task I'm working on, but more generally educational in the world of gadgetry and computer applications. Next up: GIMP.

2. I take no pleasure in the news today that Idaho Sen. Larry Craig was arrested in June for lewd conduct in a Minneapolis airport rest room. What I did find heartening occurred at Huckleberries Online. It's clear that a certain number of people posting at Huckleberries are weary of the social stigma of homosexuality and understand that lying about one's sexual orientation, repressing the truth of one's core self, can only, eventually, lead to twisted expressions of what's been repressed. I don't think it'll happen, but I'd love to see us become a society that simply understands the reality of homosexuality and a society that stops seeing it as an alien way to live. I'd like to see the phrase "gay lifestyle" slowly disappear.

3. For some unknown reason, Annie's mention of former Blue Jay Kelly Gruber in her blog, Void of Course, sent me into a riot of laughter and a twenty to minute scavenger hunt to find out more about him on the World Wide Web. My brief preoccupation with Gruber has passed, but it was fun while it lasted.


Student of Life said...

Amen on #2, man. I've seen way too many lives destroyed by trying to stay in that dark little closet. I understand the fear involved in coming out of it, but it's so stressful to feel forced into a life of lies.

Pinehurst in my Dreams said...

Regardless of one's views of homosexuality - the greater story here is that Senator Craig is married, and any sexual liaison would be destructive to the woman he vowed to keep himself to. . .