Friday, February 4, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 02/03/11: Class Buzz, Tammy's Thanks, Buoyed at Billy Mac's

1.  My 10:00 WR 121 class took its customary break during our two hour meeting and soon the roomed buzzed with students talking with one another, laughing, telling stories, doing what people do when enjoying themselves.  It's what I want most to happen in my classes and I didn't want to stop them; I didn't want to resume.  I know my obligations, though.  I told the class how much I enjoyed them enjoying themselves and we returned to the tasks at hand.

2.  Tammy came up to me during that break and told me she reads about three books a week and that she never would have thought to read Buffalo for the Broken Heart.  The book made her cry.  I appreciated her thanking me for assigning it.

3.  I'm not sure why, but I felt especially buoyed and spirited during tonight's get together at Billy Mac's.  I don't even want to figure it out.  The evening out simply worked for me even more than usual. 

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