Sunday, February 6, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 02/05/11: Recovered Pictures, How Much is That Stylist in the Window?, The Troxstar Laughs Himself to Tears

1.  I had a memory card go kapunk and at Russell's suggestion I used P C Inspector Smart Recovery to see if I could get the pictures back.  I had them almost all of them saved before the card got corrupted, but I thought I'd see if P C Inspector would do the job.  It did.  It took about ten hours, but it looks like all but one of the 542 pictures on the card was restored.  That one was only partially restored.  Experiment a success.

2.  Russell and I went down to the Fifth Street Market area and shot pictures.  Russell posted a dozen excellent photos and I'm undecided about  mine.  I guess I don't get out enough.  Fifth Street Market felt alien to me.  Some spots we go to inspire me as I take pictures.  This part of town left me feeling dispirited.   Maybe it was the construction underway of a boutique hotel.  Or the expansion of the Gervais, a spa.  Maybe it was the dad who said to his little kids, "Okay, kids!  Wanna go watch people get their hair done?"  In unison, the kids squealed, "Yeeees!"  He, his wife, and the toddlers then stood outside Gervais for a while watching stylists in action.  I guess I don't get it.  I'm trying to imagine my dad saying to me when I was five years old, "Son.  Let's go stand outside Millie's Beauty Salon and watch Dorothy and Millie give Sally and Bea perms."   I don't get it.

3.  Today the Troxstar celebrated his birthday and I dropped in and had a birthday Black Lager from Hopworks with the 'Star and helped sing happy birthday and even got to have a piece of German chocolate birthday cake.  The highlight?  The 'Star laughed until tears ran down his face when he opened this gift, lovingly placed in a gift bag that originally had been a Southwest Airlines barf bag.  It's a rectangular refrigerator magnet:

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