Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 02/07/11: Quilt, Nap, Fatigue Food

1.  Tony Hoagland wrote these lines in his poem, "America".  The speaker of the poem is a teacher and he's been listening to a student with blue hair and a tongue stud who says he feels

Buried alive, captured and suffocated in the folds
of the think satin quilt of America

The image of America as a thick satin quilt -- I can't shake it.  It gets to me.  We discussed this poem today in my Introduction to Literature: Poetry class. 

2. I'm not sleeping well at night. I'm up a lot, my dreams have been odd, my mind has been racing.  After some intense one to one work with a student in my office and a couple hours of intense poetry and another talk with another student, I compensated for my lousy night's sleep and the demands of my job with a nap.  I slept hard.

3.  I surrendered to my fatigue at dinner time and picked up some drunken noodles, massaman curry, and tom kha soup.  I think the Deke was grateful for my fatigue and for the Thai food that welcomed her when she arrived home.

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