Friday, February 11, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 02/10/11: Student Teachers, Shakespeare, Stop Shop Talk: Movies!

1.  As much as I could, I pretended I was a student and directed my WR 121 students to be my teacher.  I told them I had a subject to write about and had them instruct me as to how to go about it.  They did a good job being my teacher.

2.  Michael dropped by and as we got to talking about Shakespeare, he told me something I'd never thought about:  the complexities of Hamlet can't be fully portrayed in the theater and, so, Hamlet, along with the rest of the Shakespeare canon, moved to the English department, where the emphasis is on pausing, exploring, discussing.  For better or worse, in the English dept. the emphasis is not on action.  It's on gabbing and writing.   It's an intriguing idea and, until Michael had to leave, we talked about Prince Hamlet and what makes him so multiple, so complex, so intriguing. 

3.  With a welcome nudge from Anne and a quick and welcome switch of topics from Lynn, Bill Mac's talk left LCC shop talk behind, thank goodness, and we spent the rest of dinner talking about movies.  I've got to get back to watching movies.  I haven't watched a movie since, since...good grief....I don't know when I last watched a movie.  Maybe I'll change that on Friday after I get a bunch of papers graded.

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