Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 01/31/11: Rumi Ecstasy, Grandma Mary, Some More Jack

1.  I'm not a Rumi scholar or an expert or anything, but I think I have a pretty good feel for his poetry, a good sense of how many of his poems work and I was in a state of something ecstasy this morning as we read and discussed some Rumi poems in Intro to Literature: Poetry this morning.

2.  I'm married to one of Jack's grandmothers, of course.  That's the Deke.  Jack's other grandma lives in Eugene and she's Grandma Mary and she consented to me taking a few pictures of her and Jack this afternoon.  Here are a couple of them:

3.  As long as I had out the camera, I decided I'd snap off about forty more pictures of Jack!  Here are a couple of those.

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