Monday, February 7, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 02/06/11: Candle Prayers, Hot Chicken, Rodgers Erases -- What Was His Name Again?

1.  After the Eucharist, when I go to the chapel to light candles for people, I can never remember at the wick lighting moment all the people I'd told myself I would light a candle for:  a student whose close friend just died, at least two students whose sisters have cancer, a student who feared she had a brain tumor, a student recovering from kidney failure, a former LCC employee who just had surgery, and then there are family members and friends.  I've decided the best I can do is pretend like there's a prayer vault in my mind and I keep adding to the vault all through the week and then, when I light a candle in the chapel, I open the vault, and my prayers come pouring out, whether I remember them or not.

2.  I enjoyed getting out the butter and the flour and the Frank's Original Hot Sauce and the Rocky's drumettes and the electric frying pan and making a lasagne pan full of hot wings to take to Pam and Michael's Super Bowl party.

3.  I enjoyed the Super Bowl's football game.  None of the rest of the Super Bowl did much for me, but I enjoyed the football game.  I rooted for Pittsburgh and found myself happy that Green Bay won.  I especially enjoyed that Aaron Rodgers notched himself a place in Packer history, that he outperformed the guy who came before him, uh, the guy who does commercials for jeans -- I'm not remembering his name....Aaron Rodgers erased the other guy from my memory.

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