Thursday, February 24, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 02/22/11: Reconciliation, Fighters, Sleep

1.  This is one of my favorite times in WR 121.  I raise the question of what reconciliation demands or requires of parties who try to make what's broken whole again and it's very encouraging and uplifting to listen to all that my students know and understand about it.

2.  I had one to one conferences with two students about whom I can almost say that they've never had an easy day in their life.  They are fighters.  They are doing all they can to turn things around in their lives by being in school.  They are both plenty intelligent.  I got done talking with them, about an hour apart from each other, and I sat and stared, thinking how much I respect them and also knowing that they have so few things working in their favor.  It's what makes my job so emotionally complicated.

3.  I dropped into bed at 7:00 and slept for eleven hours.

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