Monday, February 21, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 02/20/11: Regular Spiritual Life, Nap, Soup Prep

1.  Father Ted was the celebrant and preacher for this morning's services at St. Mary's Episcopal Church and listening to him I was transported all over the place.  So much of my life has been marked by how I felt sitting in the sanctuary at St. Mary's, listening to Father Ted.  I have been heartbroken, mentally ill, joyous, worried, somber, and, appropriate to his sermon, I've been ordinary.  I've worshiped many, many Sundays when things were just chugging along and, in many ways, those are the Sundays when Father Ted's not being a hot shot but being a common man who is a priest meant the most to me.  What do I value the most as a Christian?  The Trinity is alive in the ordinariness of my life, and our lives.  Yes, I've had peak experiences.  Yes, I've suffered dark lows.  Most of my life is ordinary, though, and I live the vast majority of my spiritual life feeling ordinary, just being a regular, everyday guy.

2.  I slept hard this afternoon when I took a nap. 

3.  I will put it all together in the slow cooker tomorrow, but tonight I browned the chuck roast pieces and sauteed the onion and carrots for Monday's beef and barley soup.

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