Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 02/13/11: Possessed at Starbucks, Irreverent Worship, Clam Chowder

1.  At Starbuck's, first the tall Pike with room slipped from the barista's hand and some coffee spilled on the counter.  Then I reached to pick up the cup and knocked it over.  More spilled. The barista declared the tall Pike possessed and poured it out, poured me a new cup, and no coffee spilled from it.

2.  I probably shouldn't sit with the Troxstar in church too often.  All I do is make wise cracks about the gospel reading and other stuff happening in the service and the Troxstar is more than happy to drop a few wisecracks of his own my way.  Much more of this behavior and I'm sure the ushers will descend upon us and escort us out the door.

3.  Following the Test Kitchen Family Cookbook, I made a simple and satisfying clam chowder tonight.

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