Friday, February 25, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 02/24/11: Good Work, Good Teaching, Good Rehearsal

1.  I needed an uninterrupted work day to grade papers and read student poems and return them and I'm grateful that the skies opened up with an out of season snowstorm, forcing LCC to be closed,  and I got a ton of work completed. 

2.  Impassioned discussion erupted at Billy Mac's about what the best learning in the classroom requires: a human connection with the teacher, however that comes about.  Anything that obstructs this connection is a barrier to learning.  It's not a mechanical, programmatic undertaking.  It's deeply human.

3.  I arrived early at rehearsal and marveled at how much progress the very young, very inexperienced (in Shakespeare) actors are making in articulating their lines.  They've got the energy.  They know how to move and bring the action alive.  And now they are starting to understand the words and are beginning to make the words sing.  I beamed.  

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