Saturday, February 12, 2011

Three Beautiful Things 02/11/11: Helping Cng, Salmon Success, Black Boss Porter

1.  Cng and I sit down together twice a week and work on her writing.  She's only been in the USA for about six months and, even though she learned English in her home country, it's a very different challenge to employ English in the classroom and when writing papers for WR 121.  But, here's what happens:  as she becomes more confident and adept at speaking, writing, and hearing English, more dimensions of her personality emerge and, each time we meet, I increasingly experience what a good person she is.  It's really fun.

2.  The Deke brought home a nice chunk of steelhead salmon.  I'm very inexperienced cooking fish.  I lighly oiled it, seasoned it, lightly lemon juiced it, and put it under the broiler.  I checked it after three minutes, then after one minute, another minute, and another minute.  It seemed cooked through after six minutes so I nervously called the Deke to dinner and it was awesome.  Man I'm happy.  I want to be able to prepare fish with some confidence really badly -- I think this was a first step.

3.  I told the Deke about the Troxstar's Black Lager and how much I enjoyed a pint of it.  I mentioned that it had some qualities similar to a porter.  Wednesday evening, on her way home from work, the Deke stopped at the store and picked me up a Polish porter called Black Boss Porter.  I enjoyed that bottle of beer thoroughly as I prepared dinner.  If you like a strong, bold, complex porter ale, I highly recommend Black Boss Porter. 

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